Princess Connect RE:DIVE [priconne game] Grinding the Dailies and More

Every day you get a set of rewards and challenges in Princess Connect RE:DIVE [priconne game] and today, after a hectic day, I pound through them in about 20 minutes. Sure, I have some stamina and store coins to still burn through. Sure I still have some Arena and Princess Arena to burn through. Sure I still have some Tideborne Tower Dungeon to burn through. But in 20 minutes a day you can do the absolute minimum and still get the rewards. Also a tip on how to get the Bonus Shop to open up faster. A couple of 5-star upgrades. And some anime chatter too. A couple of my current watches and what I watched recently with the fam. It’s a bit longer than what I have been doing, and I feel like I was a bit hectic, but if you watch the first 20-ish minutes you get the gist of what it’s like to do the dailies.

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