New Year Resolutions Special Offer

Four Paperback Fitness and Diet Books for the price of one?

Don’t waste another year with failed New Year Resolutions. This is the answer to getting it done. 16 weeks of carefully planned, clearly illustrated workouts that have what it takes to get you to your goals. Register with the link inside for free media to give you even more success tools.
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NEW! New Year Resolutions Special Offer!

Right Now if you buy these four books in paperback you’d pay $54.96 + Shipping:

  • Summit Success: Training for Hiking, Mountaineering, and Peak Bagging List: $32.99 INFO
  • Finding Time to Train List: $8.99 INFO
  • The 100 Calorie Diet Plan List: $6.99 INFO
  • Weight Training Secret Manual: 8 Hacks to Beat the Plateau List: $5.99 INFO

All Four of these books are available on Createspace right now in Paperback.

I currently have leftover inventory from a book signing I recently attended and need to clear it out. I’ll let you have all four of these books for $40.00 First Class US Shipping

You read that right. Remember though that’s only US Shipping rates. I cannot ship these to a foreign address for those prices.

If you have a promo code enter it for a special gift in addition to the four books.

Four books $40 with US Shipping

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I want you to have the success you deserve

Put all four of these books together and you have the tools, you have the information, you have the education – for success in your New Year Resolutions.

What’s in the books?

  • A complete food portioning system with accountability
  • A complete 16 week cardio training system
  • A complete 16 week low impact weight training system
  • A complete time management system to make it easier to get your training time in
  • A complete weight training cycling system to allow you to maintain your gains permanently
Four books for the price of one - at the book signing in Eagle/Vail Colorado

Four books for the price of one – at the book signing in Eagle/Vail Colorado

As an added bonus: Inside your copy of Summit Success: Training for Hiking, Mountaineering, and Peak Bagging look for the obvious URL inside for additional content. Register for that additional content with your email address and name. I’ll send you the extras as specified in the book.

  • Videos
  • Charts
  • Photos
  • Additional Articles

This Four-for-One offer is only good for stock on hand.

Less than 20 sets left of the four books.

Just in time for your New Year Resolutions.

Training for Hiking is perfect for all your outdoor activities

  • Nordic Walking
  • Snowshoeing
  • Hiking
  • Backpacking
  • Mountaineering
  • Trekking

These are just a few of the sports that could benefit a lot from the concept of incremental vertical training introduced in this complete training for hiking program, the first of its kind.

You want prepackaged New Year Resolutions? This book has a 16 week training plan ready to go with charts and illustrations to make it simple for you. Make it happen. Start today.

Summit Success Dynamic Stretching Captured from the Extra Content Video - registration gives you free access

Summit Success Dynamic Stretching Captured from the Extra Content Video – registration gives you free access

But you don’t want to hike?

Not a big deal, because this is the same program I used to lose 60 pounds of fat and keep it off. I’m sure you’ve seen ads for incline treadmills that mention the amazingly intense fat burning that vertical training can give you? This manual is all about vertical training. Get it now and get started on those New Year Resolutions.

Your New Year Resolutions might look something like this.

  • Get in shape
  • Lose Weight

I think I’ve heard about a hundred or so variations of those New Year Resolutions. How close did I get?

How many years have you had those New Year Resolutions? 

A lot? You probably didn’t have a plan. You probably didn’t have enough information to make it happen. You probably didn’t even know how to make properly formed goals that were built from the ground up to work.

Well I’m about to change that. Take me up on this offer you can’t afford to miss.

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