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  • Writing Quote from Chekhov
    My own experience is that once a story has been written, one has to cross out the beginning and the end. It is there that we authors do most of our lying.
    – Anton Chekhov
    With My Sweet Infected, this is how it begins and ends, for sure. In the absolute middle of nowhere. I also don’t elaborate on the pre-apocalypse either.
    My Sweet Infected - The Red Cover, 2nd printing
    My Sweet Infected – The Red Cover, 2nd printing

    That will be for a prequel, if anyone is interested.

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  • Writing Quote from Willa Cather
    Most of the basic material a writer works with is acquired before the age of fifteen. – Willa Cather

    Is that why I feel most at home writing Young Adult Fiction?

    I have a real solid connection to my character Emma, from “My Sweet Infected” who is around 17. Her special friend Linda is around 15, and Porter is kind of ageless in this book. In a prequel we’ll deal with his history, and pinpoint his age somewhat.
    Did anyone read it and want to leave a review? If you do, I’ll send you a signed 8×10 print of the Red Cover. CLICK HERE for details. This is well within the guidelines set by Amazon and Goodreads. An author friend has been doing something similar for quite a while and he says it’s been a lot of fun connecting with his reviewers.

    So let me know what you think? Am I deluded or is Young Adult a good niche for me?

    My Sweet Infected, the Red Cover
    My Sweet Infected, the Red Cover
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  • Every Book Holds a Little World Inside

    When I'm in full on writing mode, I can crank out up to 10,000 words a day.That's not normal though. I try to set a goal of getting in 2,000 words a day, like the old Stephen King writing advice states.

    “I like to get ten pages a day, which amounts to 2,000 words." Stephen King Goodreads

    I got quite a few books written in a short time span last fall, then settled down into normal daily life. The intensity required to write a book like "My Sweet Infected" was unexpectedly devastating. I became my protagonist in so many ways as she crept into my psyche and took over for me as I channeled her every thought as I created the story of her awakening.

    Read the book if you want to know more about this ruined world with humans on the brink of extinction. Find the clues, sort through the chaos, and realize the end is inevitable. The little world inside this book is doomed.

    Check it out, get the free sample for your Kindle - On Amazon

    My Sweet Infected (My Infected Book 1)

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  • My Sweet Infected No Longer Paperback

    My Sweet Infected No Longer Available In Paperback?

    Sadly, it's true. I sold so many in Kindle, and especially Kindle Unlimited, that I have no reason to continue to support the paperback edition.

    Yandere Genre Image from G+

    Somehow I knew nothing was alive in there, but if Hank noticed we were just walking on in with no concern for safety he'd know something was up. He wasn't stupid. Except maybe for Shelley. Women had a way of doing that to men. The thought crossed my mind suddenly that Porter had been taking more and more interest in me in that way on this trip. Was I doing something to him to make him stupid? We couldn't afford it.
    We rounded a guard tower set into the wall. The large door between the two towers was open and swinging gently in the breeze. Nothing good could have happened in there.
    Hank couldn't see us from here, so Porter stopped the slinking around act and stood tall. I shook it off and stood beside him.
    "Why are you trusting my senses on this?" I posed the question seriously.
    "Are you trying to tell me you're wrong?" He laughed at that.
    "I'm not sure I trust them."
    "You should. Your senses aren't going to lie to you about this kind of thing."
    "You're taking this a lot better than I am."
    "I guess I haven't been living another life all these years." He reached for my shoulders and gently tugged me into his chest with his nose on my forehead.
    My heart took off again. I knew he could feel it beating against his chest. It was impossible he couldn't. Then as quickly as that realization hit me I could hear his heart beating. But not as a sound. It was a gentle rhythm and it was excited. It was exciting. I broke away from the embrace with heat flushing my face. An emptiness twisted my stomach. -- My Sweet Infected - Chapter 7

    Check it out, get the free sample for your Kindle - On Amazon

    My Sweet Infected (My Infected Book 1)

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  • My Sweet Infected Video Teaser April 1

    My Sweet Infected 

    Recently I have had My Sweet Infected out on a Kindle Countdown Deal and it ends in just a few days now, but it's a heck of a deal for anyone who wants a copy. Remember that with a Countdown Deal Amazon will not allow me to reduce the price again for a period of time around 6 weeks or so. This is it as far as discounts go.

    If you want to get a copy for your friends, that's great. I'd love for you to buy some up. Leave me reviews, and share my Facebook and Blog Pages with all your friends. I need to see a lot of support to encourage me to begin writing the next books in the series. Cheer me on and help support my efforts.

    Watch the Video, Below:

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    My Sweet Infected - More Teasing
    My Sweet Infected - TMI? Please share it with all your friends and help me get started on the next book in the series.
    Posted by Charles Miske on Wednesday, April 1, 2015
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  • To be tortured by your own mind (dystopian young adult romantic triangle zombies)

    Do you know what it feels like to be tortured by your own mind?

    The soft sobs came slowly, then quickly. The dark spaces between the trees echoed with it to my sensitive ears. Though surely they would have heard it by now. My knees hit the dirt as I toppled forward, hands gripping my head. It was the end of the world. And that end was me.
    They spoke in a quiet whisper that didn’t come through the sounds of my own tears. Then Linda came through the trees, staggering and weaving a bit lost in the increasing darkness.
    “I’m over here, to your left.” The words were strained, squeezed in between the gasps that fit between the aching pains of my heart that poured out my eyes.
    She stumbled over and her hand grazed my face, found my hands and pulled them to her lips. She tasted my tears in her kisses. I pulled her in tight, to my chest, not an inch of space between us.
    It hurt to have her so close, but it wasn't possible to push her away either. “Why are you doing this?”
    Chapter 17, My Sweet Infected

    Check back for the Kindle Countdown Deal, starting March 30 for only $.99 on Amazon

    I've stated several times now that Anime has been a strong influence on this dystopian young adult romantic triangle with zombies. I love seeing these little pictures on G+ and am happy to share them with you when I run across one that seems meaningful.
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  • Inspiration for My Sweet Infected Zombies and Anime

    I see humans, but no humanity

    (image from G+)

    When our romantic triangle of Porter, Emma, and Linda interact with humans and the zombie-like infected, it's difficult to say who is the monster and who is the human. Stepping back with self-awareness to recognize that there was a new distinction is part of our character's growth.

    The feeling of humanity enveloped me, drew me to the surface of my tense stasis. Linda was close. Her heat and warmth filled me. I needed her. I needed that power like grass needed the sun. I wondered if I would ever go back into the light or if darkness was my eternal destiny. -- My Sweet Infected, Chapter 14

    Be sure to go check it out and purchase on Amazon....


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Carstensz Pyramid Book Published to Google

While I was figuring out how to publish for Google, I did my 100 Calorie Diet Plan first and used that experience to plan for other books. I put up my Carstensz Pyramid book on Google Play and Google Books then as well. Carstensz, Stone Age to Iron Age has been one of my best-selling books on Amazon, and now it’s available on Google Play. It is a compilation of the notebook I kept while on my climb of the highest peak of Indonesia. As part of the continent of Oceania, it’s the highest peak in Australia. It’s one of the most difficult of the Seven Summits to climb.

Sneak Peak into my Carstensz Pyramid book samples on Google Books

Sneak Peak into my Carstensz Pyramid book samples on Google Books

Google Books has samples of the chapter structure, photos, and pages from my Carstensz Pyramid book available CLICK HERE

Carstensz Pyramid Book Reviews:

This book is amazing. What Mr. Miske went through on this trip is beyond comprehension for most Americans. Physically and mentally he was put to one of the biggest tests of endurance the body can take. Plus he did a fantastic job telling the story in this book. Whether you’re a climber or not, or even into outdoor adventures, you will enjoy this book. It contains the human element as well as the technical side of things, which makes it a well-balanced and excellent read. — Amazon 5-Stars

Sunset in Bali, Indonesia on the return trip from my Carstensz adventure

Sunset in Bali, Indonesia on the return trip from my Carstensz adventure

An unbelievable account that had me giggling, gasping, and in awe over what Mr. Miske went through. He made it easy to read for someone who knows absolutely nothing about climbing, I appreciated that. (Although I had to Google what “scree” was. Haha) Britney Spears makes an appearance, also some witty commentary that made me just shake my head at what life is like over there. Holy snot! It’s an amazing story. Finished it in one sitting while sacrificing sleep. I had to see him home and safe first. 🙂 — Amazon 5-Stars

Carstensz Pyramid Book for sale on Google Play

I’ve had my books on Amazon for quite a while now in Kindle and print editions. The Kindle Reader is available for phones, computers, tablets and browsers, so it’s fairly universal. CLICK HERE for article on how to read Kindle books on just about anything. If you have a Google Play account though, and prefer to use that, their app also works just about anywhere on just about anything. With that in mind I published to Google Play CLICK HERE to buy.

My Carstensz Pyramid book is now available for sale on Google Play

My Carstensz Pyramid book is now available for sale on Google Play

Please stop by, purchase my book at one of the best prices on the internet and when you’re done, leave a review. I’d love to get your opinions about it. If you’d prefer to buy it elsewhere or in print, CLICK HERE for more information and links.

The 100 Calorie Diet Plan Published on Google

The 100 Calorie Diet Plan was first published simultaneously on Nook, Kindle and Createspace Paperback. Shortly thereafter I was introduced to Google Play and Google Books. I had never done a book on Google before. I registered, which turned out to take a few days of bank and ID verification. Then I began to upload The 100 Calorie Diet Plan. They needed EPUB and PDF formats, or at least I was led to believe that by their documentation.

The 100 Calorie Diet Plan Available on Google Play

The 100 Calorie Diet Plan available on Google Play

See this page on Google Play HERE

The EPUB formatting was complicated to say the least. Their verification process is at least as intense as Apple is. If not for having to upload it from a new PC, I think I could easily use the final approved EPUB file for ibook. The PDF was apparently never approved, though it was identical to the one that Createspace approved, including the one High Resolution image and embedded fonts. Nevertheless, The 100 Calorie Diet appeared in Google Books and Play in a couple of days. Yes, a couple of days. It’s not as fast as the others: Createspace, Kindle and Nook were all available for sale within 24 hours of clicking the “Publish” button.

The 100 Calorie Diet Plan on Google Books for Preview

The 100 Calorie Diet Plan on Google Books for Preview

See this page on Google Books HERE

The 100 Calorie Diet Plan Description

If you want to lose fat without losing muscle, or gain muscle without gaining fat, the sound scientific principles and simple elementary school math used in this book give you the best chances of success with a diet plan that gives you complete control over how much of what you eat every day. Your diet will be as varied as your imagination with this simple food portion control plan. Don’t give up your future to chance, take control now.

“Successful people form the habit of doing what failures don’t like to do. They like the results they get by doing what they don’t necessarily enjoy. ”
— Earl Nightingale

If you want to know how to get a paperback or ebook from other stores CLICK HERE for more information.

If you need help learning about goal setting and accountability through mentorship programs and journaling instruction CLICK HERE for more information.

Finally, after going through the ringer getting my books live on Google Play, if you want help learning how to format and publish your book on Google, Createspace, Kindle and Nook, CLICK HERE to learn how I can help you.

Elbrus Race 2013 Available soon on Nook and Kindle

This September, 2013, Todd Gilles and I attended Elbrus Race 2013 as “Team Seven Summits Quest”. Kilian Jornet also competed as part of his Summits of My Life quest. We had a great time in spite of almost non-stop storms with high winds and snow. The most I’ve seen at the Barrels in the three times I’ve been there in September.

Kilian Jornet on the tram for Elbrus Race 2013

Kilian Jornet on the tram for Elbrus Race 2013

I took notes on a tablet and on the airplane trip back to the USA I edited them into the manuscript for the “Elbrus Race 2013” ebook and have been working on it in the past week at my home in Colorado.

Kilian and Vitaly neck and neck for the first Extreme Event in Elbrus Race 2013

Kilian and Vitaly neck and neck for the first Extreme Event in Elbrus Race 2013

With the addition of photos and formatting, the ebook will be available on Nook and Kindle most likely within the week. I hope to offer it at a reduced price to introduce it to a wider audience than my previous books in the Seven Summits Quest series. In spite of the refusal of the Apple store to carry my items, I might be able to offer a direct download here in the near future, for those who cannot deal with B&N or Amazon for one reason or another.

Todd and I after Elbrus Race 2013

Todd and I thankfully at the bottom of the lifts and off the mountain

I hope you can stop by to purchase the ebook when it’s available and I’d love to hear your opinions and reviews. Thanks.

Carstensz Second Edition Live at Amazon for Kindle

This post from my Facebook Seven Summits Quest Page has some information on that. Second Edition with nearly 20 pages of additional material available now. If you have already purchased this book, then please hang loose and check for the update in about a week using the process in a previous article. I added the new material after discussing the book with several of those who’ve read it and needed more information. [Purchase Here]

Kindle How To: sync updated ebook

What do you do if Amazon sends an email alerting you to an updated ebook on your Kindle? This kindle how to will help explain. First of all, log in to Amazon and go to your Account Page. Then click on the link under Orders -> View Your Kindle Orders.

Kindle How To: View Your Kindle Orders

Kindle How To: View Your Kindle Orders

Kindle How To: automatic update

Next in this Kindle How To I suggest if you just want to trust Amazon to take care of all your books automatically whenever your wireless is on, look for the yellow bar “Automatic Book Update…” and click Learn More. You will get a warning notice about backing up your saved locations and highlights.

Kindle How To: automatic book update

Kindle How To: automatic book update

Near the bottom of the page you will see the section for “Automatic Book Update” – in this Kindle How To I recommend that unless you know a good reason why you do not want automatic updates, click the link for Turn On. This function is automatic and doesn’t reload the page. Just watch the little red OFF change.

Kindle How To: activate automatic updates

Kindle How To: activate automatic updates

If you do take this step shown in this Kindle How To and turn on automatic updates, please check your Kindle to make sure that you have automatic backup enabled to protect your highlights notes and saved locations.

Kindle How To: check your Kindle to enable automatic backup

Kindle How To: check your Kindle to enable automatic backup

Kindle How To: manual update

Now in this Kindle How To, I’ll show how to update manually. If you’d rather not take your chances or trust Amazon find the “View:” drop down to filter out your books. Select “Available for Update” from the list and watch the list change. If you don’t have any books that are updated it will let you know.

Kindle How To: select books that need to be updated

Kindle How To: select books that need to be updated

From the list of books to update, see the link for update available. Click for the balloon, then for Update this title now.

Kindle How To: multiple clicks to get to the update dialog

Kindle How To: multiple clicks to get to the update dialog

Finally this Kindle How To gets to the part where you actually manually update the book. You’ll get the really big scary warning dialog, and a button to Update. After you read that, assuming you do, click to Update your book. It’s about that simple. Yes. That’s why I recommend just turning on Auto Updating. Unless, like I said, you have a reason not to update.

Kindle How To: after reading big scary warning click Update

Kindle How To: after reading big scary warning click Update

From an author’s perspective I’d like to alleviate anyone’s fears about updating. When an author or publisher updates a book, they have to resubmit it to the approval process. When it’s complete it goes into the download folders with all the rest. Amazon will not alert any previous customers to a new edition, or let authors or publishers alert them individually. If an author or publisher feels the book has changed enough, they can contact Amazon and let them know, and they’ll review it and decide if they should alert the previous customers or not. If you get the notice from Amazon, it means the book has passed multiple levels of approval. Like any system it’s possible to “game” it, but in general, I recommend getting the update automatically and save having to remember or think about it. YMMV.

Orizaba eBook Free to Celebrate Carstensz Publishing

My Orizaba eBook, on Amazon [CLICK HERE] has had some decent reviews. Here’s an example:

5-stars: If you are interested in mountaineering you will enjoy the read. It’s a very quick read and The style of writing is very enjoyable. If climbing Orizaba is on your agenda, you will pick up some useful bits of info on the travel process and the experience as a whole with some info on how to make it as affordable as it can be. I want to go someday

I decided that with the publication of my new Carstensz eBook it would a cool way to introduce it by offering a special on the Orizaba eBook. How does free sound?

Orizaba eBook cover image

Orizaba eBook cover from the Amazon Kindle store

Orizaba eBook Special Offer Details

I arranged with Amazon to promote this Orizaba eBook free for 24 hours only. 21 May 2013, from 12:01 AM Pacific Time to 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Amazon has an office on the West Coast, so they go by Pacific Time. Keep that in mind when you go to make your “purchase” – if you go to the page in the link above, and the price shown on the Orizaba eBook description is not $0.00 then check the current Pacific Time.

If you do download this book to your Kindle, Phone, Tablet or PC, please read it as soon as convenient, then leave an honest review. Sure, I’d love more 5-star reviews. But most importantly, to make follow-up editions of the Orizaba eBook even better, I’d love suggestions and advice as well. If I do make changes to the book, it’s simple enough to update it for free, and I’ll see if I can get Amazon to alert you to 2nd editions. They have a relatively simple process in place.

If you don’t have a Kindle, there is a really easy to use Chrome App, Phone Apps, and even a PC App. Here are a few instructions to get you started reading all my books from Amazon [CLICK HERE].

Orizaba eBook Free for Prime

Keep in mind too, that I have allowed this book to be part of the Amazon Prime Lending Library. That means if you’re a Prime member on Amazon, you can read it for free. I use this feature a lot on my own Kindle. Sadly, you can only do this from your Kindle, not from any of the Apps or browser windows, just a warning.

Remember, free for all, USA Pacific Time, May 21. Get it. Read it. Leave a review. Hope you enjoy it.

Carstensz Full Strength Controversy

I normally carry Full Strength protein powder mixes when I travel. Carstensz was no exception. I really relied on it for this trip. I mixed and drank it at the airports, in hotels, and even on the trail in the muddy rain forest equatorial jungle, and in my tent in the evening.

Hotel before Carstensz

Full Strength in Hotel before Carstensz

Our meals were pretty bland, third world fair. Lots of rice drenched in a thin soup of corn and onion shoots. Sometimes a chicken wing. Local chicken isn’t fed like in the USA with corn subsidies. You get really scrawny chicken parts here.

Carstensz Trail Food

Carstensz Trail Food

One of my all time favorite meals:

We had a breakfast of eggs and oatmeal and “chicken pork” as the guides called it. Some kind of seasoned overcooked noodles. — Carstensz: Stone Age to Iron Age

Carstensz Chicken-Pork Breakfast

Carstensz Chicken-Pork Breakfast

One of the gear lists put together by a Brit who had done the trek recommended taking some protein with. I figured at 300 calories and 40 grams of protein, Full Strength would be the perfect complement to balance out the temporary malnutrition on the trail. I had experienced this in Africa when I did Kilimanjaro, and assumed it would be as bad here. I assumed correctly.

Carstensz Trail Meal

Carstensz trail meal of Full Strength

Carstensz Celebration Breakfast

The morning after Summit Day, to celebrate our great success in climbing Carstensz, one of the most difficult of the Seven Summits, we were treated to the most wondrous of breakfasts:

I have no idea who dreamed up breakfast. Rice and red bean balls. Little, inch diameter, sticky, slightly sweet. A bowl of them. Maybe it’s the traditional morning-after breakfast. We managed to get Charlie to give us some oatmeal. — Carstensz: Stone Age to Iron Age

Carstensz Breakfast

Carstensz style celebration breakfast

Later, on the way out, while having our gear searched by local authorities I was witness to this fun:

There were two officers there looking a lot like Eastern Block secret police. They were introduced as being from the government and being in charge of illegal drugs and smuggling.

…they were excited about my Full Strength protein powder envelopes. Bart tried to explain that it was protein powder. They read and reread the labels, pretending to read English when it was obvious they couldn’t. I wanted so badly to say that anything with a Nutrition Facts label isn’t going to have any narcotics in it. At the beginning of the search Bart had informed us that in Indonesia any form of narcotic, including some that are legal prescriptions in the USA are punishable by death, or life in prison, much the same thing. — Carstensz: Stone Age to Iron Age

Disable App Posting in Facebook

Disable App Posting in Facebook: How to get rid of annoying spam to your FB Friends.

1: Go to “App Center”

disable app posting in Facebook Step 1

Step 1: go to App Center

2: Click on “Your Apps”

Disable app posting in facebook step 2

Step 2: Click on “Your Apps”

3: Select the annoying app (using an example that I have allowed to post on my timeline)

disable app posting in Facebook #3

Step 3: click on your annoying app

4: “Remove” permissions and Save

disable app posting in Facebook Step 4

Step 4: Remove Permissions and Save

Garage Home Cardio Theater

I decided to finish my garage home cardio theater this Autumn. I have a three car garage. Sort of. The third section is barely able to hold a car. It’s approximately 12′ by 15′ so it would have to be a fairly small car. I think it’s more for using as a workshop. I started a few years ago with an elliptical and a 20″ TV that relatives gave us when we were living in one of their rental properties long ago.

It got cold in the Winter, since the attic wasn’t insulated. The manual for the cardio machine said not to use it below 45 degrees, so I brought the elliptical inside adjacent to the living room for January and February plus a few weeks either side.

Riding the Jacob's Ladder in my Garage Home Cardio Theater

Jacob’s Ladder in the garage

Two years ago I managed to squeeze in the rest of my cardio equipment and a larger TV. I gave the smaller one to my wife to use in front of her recumbent. I don’t like recumbents. The metal garage door echoes quite a bit, so I can’t play anything loud. For this version of my garage home cardio theater I started using wireless headphones [Sennheiser RS120 Over-Ear 900MHz Wireless RF Headphones with Charging Cradle]. With the smaller TV I used some regular headphones with a very long cable.


That Fall our local utilities were giving rebates on attic insulation, so I managed to get the garage insulated up top. So last Winter I was able to train with only a few weeks gap, with a little allowance for afternoon training, when it would normally be in the 50’s out there.

Stairmaster Stepmill in the garage home cardio theater

Riding the Stairmaster in the garage

The Garage Home Cardio Theater Emerges

Last Summer I was able to rearrange my cardio machines. I got rid of some stuff that I wasn’t using. I had to work around the door rails, since the Stairmaster Stepmill puts my head over 8′ high. As the summer heat let up I began working in earnest on my new garage home cardio theater. I began with insulating the door (see previous article). After that I did a lot of measuring for the wall.

Incline Treadmill in the garage home cardio theater

Riding the incline treadmill in the garage

I had to work around a supporting post where the garage extends out away from the main house body. The wall that extends from the garage to house entry area doesn’t line up with the post. The post doesn’t line up with the recessed concrete wall where the front of the garage dips in to the smaller third car section.

I managed to wiggle it all into two straight lines intersecting on the support post and drew up my plans. I got a pile of wood from Lowe’s and dumped it in the driveway and began carefully cutting. I moved the shelves that were along the line separating the third car and main garage to make room for working.

Garage Home Cardio Theater – Project Pictures

Started Framing Wall:

After a few days of an hour or two here or there, I had the main wall framed in. The top section was fairly painful standing on top of the ladder and putting in screws at odd angles. I also used a lot of glue.

Framed Wall:

The next phase for the garage home cardio theater was the section with the door. Since I was going to really pack in the machines like Tetris I decided to have the door swing into the main garage. I got a smaller 32″ door. Enough room to walk through wearing a large backpack, but small enough to allow a full 16″ framing section on one side.

Framing Doorway:

That was pretty tough to do. It was like a maze in some spots making sure I had enough room to move the 8′ ladder around under the door frame so I could get to the ceiling to set in the screws on the top board. Next I got some rolled fiberglass insulation 3-1/2″ by 15-1/2″ in plastic sheath. I cut and stapled it pretty quickly. Not too many issues with that, except for some miscalculation above the door that I used smaller pieces to fill in.


I had to drop by the store a couple times during the project, and took my little helper on a couple of the trips.

Trip to Lowe’s for parts:

Because of a small footer wall along the outside perimeter of the garage I also had a 2″ gap between two studs that I filled in with thin cut strips pushed in.

Insulation Done:

The last step in this phase of the garage home cardio theater is to put in the door. I hate doing this. Really. But after a lot of time messing around with shims and a bit of hammering and tweaking I got it to open and close without rubbing anywhere on the frame.
Door installed and insulation done:

Garage Home Cardio Theater – To Do

Of course I have to put in some foam in the gaps around the door frame. I need to put in some weatherstripping around the interior door where it closes on the frame. I need to weatherstrip the outside garage door including the bottom where it contacts the concrete. I am not eager for the sheetrock – I might wait till Spring for that if I can. I am going to put in speakers for those times I do not want to wear the headphones. I’ll let you know what’s next.
Be sure to check out Planning Your Home Cardio Theater on Amazon for $.99 in which I mention some of these issues with the garage.


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